Dads Old Axe writes software to support small businesses. We specialising primarily in the agricultural, food and beverage processing space. Over the last 10 years we have built complex user friendly solutions that simplify production, increase communication and provide granular reporting. Having an existing and intimate understanding of how agricultural business works in Australia allows us to develop software quickly and reducing the costly and long winded communications process often found when developing software without prior industry experience.

Dads Old Axe develops software to fit your business, we do not dictate your business process, we want to know about your business, it’s idiosyncrasies and the vocabulary you use. Doing this means that we build software that you and your staff can relate to. 

We develop using the FileMaker Pro platform. Building on this platform provides us with the confidence and reliability of mature, well tested and secure software base combined with the ability to build software rapidly and with great flexibility. FileMaker has native support for manny device types and will deliver your software wherever you need access. 

Our custom apps are unique, intuitive and scalable. We revel in finding elegant solutions to difficult problems and look forward to working with your business.

We look forward to hearing from you and solving your next business challenge. Get in touch with us.

The 9 Mile Pricing Engine

9 Mile is that largest apple packing facility in the Southern Hemisphere, using all state of the art equipment and robotics to automate the grading, sorting, packing and warehousing of apples before distributing them across Australia. Dads Old Axe developed a comprehensive integration system that takes data from their existing warehousing software and matches it with sales and pack out data to and generate returns to growers as well as provide sales staff with up-to-date price information. 

9 Mile's state of the art facility in Tynong, Victoria, Australia.

9 Mile's state of the art facility in Tynong, Victoria, Australia.

Read more about 9 Mile and the exciting things they are doing in the apple game!

Summer Snow Production Management

Summer Snow and Bellevue Orchard have been making apple juice and other beverages for over 20 years with production has ramped up significantly over the last 5 years. As with most food processing facilities scheduling, resource planing and traceability are paramount, but they prove to provide the most headaches. Summer Snow has a suit of FileMaker apps that take all the pain out of these tasks.

From barcoding raw product revival for traceability, to comprehensive scheduling and planning to planning packaging requirement and purchasing. Summer Snow has automated whoever possible with user friendly and intuitive software.