A unique hand coloured music video for Melbourne band BRIGHT KNIGHTS debut single 'This Love'.
YEAR: 2011. DURATION: 04:51.

An animated collage made from found objects and newspaper clippings. 2,500 frames, taken of a 5 mitre long image.
YEAR: 2010. DURATION: 04:16.

We Could Make Stars from Elle Skies' debut EP 'Skyscraper'. Snow flakes move in time with the music as they fall.
YEAR: 2006. DURATION: 02:19.

A spontaneous and sparkling one-take video clip for Melbourne band BRIGHT KNIGHTS single 'Explosions and Guns'.
YEAR: 2010. DURATION: 04:29.

A hand animated film clip for 'Burst Your Bubble', a song by Melbourne artist Lior. This clip reflects Lior's gentle political perspective in a simple animated narrative.
YEAR: 2008. DURATION: 03:23.

A stop-motion video using full sized props and real people make up the Official video for Elle Skies' single 'City'.
YEAR: 2012. DURATION: 02:26.

I one-take-two-song video for Melbourne band BRIGHT KNIGHTS for their EP 'Young Russian'. This unique video has the band defacing an abandoned warehouse with song lyrics.
YEAR: 2013. DURATION: 04:06.

In a secret location just outside of Melbourne, a group of ferociously competitive billy-cart fanatics held a rebel race meet. The footage was used to make a Music video for BRIGHT KNIGHTS song 'Black Cars'.
YEAR: 2010. DURATION: 04:06.

Animated 2.5 dimensional video made up from real photos of the band members. This song shows the band with comically large elastic heads, and was made before The Dissociatives.
YEAR: 2013. DURATION: 02:38.

This live action, low budget, music video for Melbourne band THE FRAY was shot fast paced, in the mud at low tide.
YEAR: 2005. DURATION: 03:25.